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In home Clinical Massage Therapy
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A New Era of Bodywork

Massage has many great qualities that can enhance your life. With something as simple as adding moisture to the skin through the application of oil or lotion only begins a list of positive effects.

  • Stimulates sensory receptors and increases superficial circulation

  • Increases local circulation and enhances blood return to the heart

  • Eases mobility in joints increasing range of motion

  • Stimulates the relaxation response in the nervous system

  • Endorphins or “feel good” hormones are released

  • Lymphatic flow is increased thus improving immune function

  • Reductions in tension, stress and anxiety are noticed

  • Increased mental clarity and focus

  • Overall feelings of well being

  • Greater body awareness

  • Encourages emotional expression

  • Increases Mental and physical energy levels

  • Allows for pain free movement

  • Aids in correction of postural distortions

    Postural Distortion
    (in layman’s terms)

  • Head is more forward than shoulders

  • Shoulders are forward and chest is collapsed

  • Appearance of the “humpback” due to fascial compensation

  • Arms are rotated inward

  • Pelvis is tilted forward creating stress on the low back

  • Legs and feet are rotated outward due to a tilted pelvis

  • Arch of the foot is collapsed due to poor support

How Massage Helps!

With regular bodywork some postural distortion discomforts can be relieved. By releasing bound tissue and muscle, the body can “reset” itself in some cases. This is especially true in repetitive strain cases. Keep in mind massage alone may not be enough to correct all distortions. Optimal results are achieved when therapies are combined with a good self care regimen and the supervision of your doctor.