Massage Solutions

In home Clinical Massage Therapy
Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Fountain Hills

Real Clinical Massage Services You Need

Massage Solutions offers massage services with a clinical focus. While Swedish massage may be your request for your session our best work is in Myofascial and Specific Muscle Therapy.

Deep Tissue

All the pressure you need to relieve those minor aches.

Muscle Therapy

When the pain gets you crooked, specific work will help straighten you out.


Unwind with the most popular massage modality. From your toes to your nose, feel good all over.


Sessions designed to increase blood flow and aid in muscle repair.

Ion Detox

Immerse your feet in a warm salt bath charged with positive Ions that extract toxins throughout your body.

Ear Candling

For thousands of years people have trusted this wac extraction process. In a side-lying position you may find this service unexpectedly relaxing.

Stretch Coaching

Stretching can have such a profound effect on your posture. It really is a perfect fit with massage therapy sessions. This is a service offered to guide you into proper stretching posture while working toward proper overall static postural balance. Applied daily simple, functional stretching will make sitting and standing upright easy and almost effortless.