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Q. Do your massages end in sexual encounters?

No. If you are looking for "Happy Endings" there are plenty of other places in the state of Arizona to go. I'm happy they are readily available to you so there is no need to ask me.

Q. Your pricing is higher than other therapists. Why?

Experience, advanced techniques and the ability to accurately achieve positive results in the fewest sessions possible. With Massage Solutions you are not only getting a massage; You have someone on your side who understands how pain and disfunction can effect your life and hinder you from doing what you love. Take advantage of the Best Clinical Massage Therapy, in the most comfortable environment, yielding the finest quality, longest lasting results.

Q. When is the best time to get a massage?

The best time to get a massage is when you don’t need it. You will get the most benefit because you are already relaxed. If you wait until you are in pain your effects will diminish because of your current state of tension.

Q. Is it true that I have to get naked?

The amount of clothing you remove is strictly up to you. Keep in mind that some techniques are more effective with direct skin contact.

Q. I feel more relaxed after a drink or two. Is it okay to have a cocktail before my appointment?

No. Alcohol thins the blood and reduces your ability to relay information about pain and depth levels to your therapist. Even if you think your tolerance to alcohol will not hinder your coherency, it will. Keep in mind that if the Therapist at Massage Solutions thinks that massage would not be optimum for you, be you sick or drunk, we will cancel your appointment. Yes even if you are standing in our office. We value your safety and good health more than your money.

Q. I see my doctor regularly to monitor a special medical condition, I would like to get massage but I am unsure of any adverse effects. Can I still book an appointment?

With a simple phone call to your doctor you can get specific information on whether or not to receive massage treatment. In some cases it is a good idea to have your doctor draw up a note on what type of massage may be best and any areas to avoid.

Q. How much is a massage session?

Refer to our Rates Page.

Q. Are your massage services covered by insurance?

Some insurance plans cover massage therapy. The best what to submit massage to your insurance provider is to have your doctor prescribe massage. Similar to as if she or he were to prescribe pills.

Q. Why is Pregnancy Massage only offered in the second and third trimester?

The extent of the certified practitioner is to work with expecting mothers in this time frame.

Q. What is Side Lying Position?

The Client is Placed on his or her side with the leg closer to the table straight and the leg closer to the ceiling is bent and propped up to be parallel with the table. You are given a pillow to hug and one under your neck.

Q. My question was not answered here.

No problem. Send me an email and I will respond.

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